Marker Jester 16 ID Ski Bindings

Marker’s Jester 16 ID Ski Binding, the second beefiest alpine binding that Marker makes, excels on both the front and backside of the mountain. The versatile design will withstand big hits in the park and stomp big landings in deep pow all while preventing pre-release and helping keep you safe. Equipped with Marker’s Sole.ID technology, this binding is compatible with standard alpine boots and AT boots with lugged soles thanks to its adjustable toe height. The versatile 6-16 DIN range accommodates almost any style of skiing, whether you’re the sort that lives for big drops beneath the chairlift, fresh pow between the trees, or big hits in the park. Marker’s Inter Pivot heel is easy to step into, so you won’t lose any time when you’re hurrying to the lift on a pow day, and the burly magnesium parts will withstand some serious abuse, so you won’t have to call your day short when you decide to go big off that cliff that’s been calling your name all season.

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  • DIN Range: 6-16
  • Weight: 1070 Grams
  • Compatible with Alpine, GripWalk, Alpine Touring, and WTR Soles
  • Stand Height: 24 mm
  • Ability Level: Expert Skiers

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in


Brake Width

100 mm