G3 Climbing Skin Waterproof Renew


Glomming, glopping, or just plain sticky snow– whatever you call it, snow clumping up and sticking to your skins is miserable. Avoid that sad fate and waterproof your skins with the G3 Waterproof Skin Renew. Snow begins to stick to your skins once the mohair or nylon becomes saturated with water, but the Skin Renew is a factory-quality skin waterproofing spray that creates an environmentally-safe layer that stops water from saturating the fibers on your skins, thus eliminating skin glopping. The G3 Waterproof Skin Renew is easy to apply and incredibly effective, meaning that your days of wallowing uphill with 20 lbs. of snow on each foot are over.



– Can be used to refresh the waterproofing on old skins, or as a supplement to the waterproofing on new skins
– This waterproofing spray stays on much longer than skin wax, meaning fewer reapplications are needed
– Compatible with any nylon or mohair climbing skin
– Flexible and environmentally friendly
– 60 ml/20 oz per bottle
– Made in Canada

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 in

2 oz