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Guns Shop Washington

Look no further than WGS Guns when you’re searching for a well respected guns shop in Washington state online. We carry a broad selection of firearms for sale online with prices well below average. Along with many options from the best gun brands, we also have magazines & optics available to complete your purchase. Feel free to take a look around our Web store to see why so many gun enthusiasts choose our online guns shop in Washington State. Narrow down your search using our Web tools or scroll to see our exhaustive inventory one firearm at a time.

3 Compelling Reasons To Shop At WGS Guns

1. We’ve been a family owned gun store for four generations and are in support of our nation’s 2nd Amendment rights. The founder of our gun store is a WW2 war hero who spent 44 months in a Japanese prison camp and used military backpay to start what is now our original store.The current owner of WGS Guns is a Vietnam Veteran serving in the AF trap shooting team. We understand how important it is that our country’s citizens are able to legally purchase and own a firearm and we make the process one that is affordable.

2. Most online gun dealers are looking out for their own bottom line; at WGS Guns, we are committed to providing high-quality products at fair prices. Rather than being focused on selling firearms for the maximum amount of profit, we much prefer that our customers have access to affordable firearms and accessories. Check out our entire selection of revolvers, pistols, hunting rifles, sporting rifles, lowers, defensive shotguns, magazines, optics,and more.

3. With 157 pages of handguns available and 206 pages of long guns in stock, WGS Guns boasts one of the largest online collections of firearms for sale on the Web. Whenever you’re seeking guns for sale at low prices, you’ll find what you’re searching for in the pages of our Web store. We make it possible for our customers to buy guns online from brands such as Glock, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Beretta, and so many others. We have everything the shooter needs to protect their homes & family and enjoy exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

How To Buy From Our Guns Shop In Washington

We ship your firearm directly to a local dealer nearby your home to simplify the buying process. Provide your dealer’s FFL number to us at the time of your purchase and when it arrives, you’ll simply need to fill out the paperwork at your dealer, provide a Washington ID, and pass a criminal background check. Your dealer will walk you through the process so that everything is done legally.

If you have questions for our staff, we welcome your phone call at 253-472-1113; reach out to us for assistance in selecting the right firearm for home defense, hunting, shooting practice, conceal carry, open carry, or collecting. Shop our entire inventory now to find guns, optics, and magazines at the best prices around.

Guns Shop Washington

WGS Guns Wholesale

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Guns Shop Washington

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